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An Innovative Approach

We were approached in December 2016 by Justin from Toffeln to help revitalise the brand awareness of the company to help the business grow. He had just taken on the role of Head of Marketing and our first task was to approach the tone of voice and identify what made Toffeln stand out.  

Toffeln had a strong heritage as a British-based family business, plus a solid track record of sales – particularly in the medical and catering industries.

Despite this, brand awareness among their target audience was low, and a clear marketing strategy was needed to grow the business further. What makes their shoes stand out in the professional footwear marketing is the science, research and customer feedback that go into them – but they were missing an opportunity to shout about it.

There was huge potential to capitalise on the company’s credibility and position within the marketplace, and to build on what they had already achieved – particularly as little had been invested on marketing in recent years.

Our initial thoughts were to create an ‘ingredient brand’ more than a sub brand but still not quite a full brand in it’s own right. Think ‘intel inside’ from IBM. On our quest to find our own elusive ‘intel inside’ we developed the Wearer Innovation Loop which illustrated the continual process of research, development and testing that the shoes go through before and after going to market.

We realised we needed more expert help so we brought in copywriter Sarah Townsend. Things kicked off with a day of naming work, in which we helped to create a new brand name and tagline that summarises the care and technology that goes into Toffeln’s latest range of shoes. They liked one of the suggestions – WearerTech – so much that they decided to use it on the shoes themselves, as well as to create a new website that’s specific to the WearerTech brand.

With a name in place we set about designing a logo. As is our usual practice we offered three options and developed one to the final design. This led us onto packaging, brochures, point of sale concepts,  email campaigns, display cases, video graphics, marketing material and various documents for staff and distributors.

This is a perfect example of how a business with little in-house resource can benefit from using a collaboration of skilled and experienced consultants to support their marketing, instead of expanding their own team. It's great to work with a client who can see the value of investing in expert help to achieve their goals and from our perspective it's amazing seeing their plans become reality.

WearerTech Logo
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WearerTech Brochure
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